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Olive Tapas 100gr

89 czk

Beef carpaccio with parmesan and argula

195 czk

Prosciutto crudo 100g

95 czk

Bruschetta pomodoro

119 czk

Beef prosciutto 100g

119 czk

Olive Pate with home made bread

139 czk

Feta cheese baked with tomatoes, basil and olives

139 czk

Appetizer board (prosciutto, olives, variation of cheese)

139 czk

Grilled goat cheese with grilled vegetable

189 czk

Carpaccio of octopus 100gr

245 czk

Pasta & Risotto

Daily offer of pasta and risotto

Main Dishes

Chicken steak with homemade olive paté

189 CZK

Čevapi in pita bread or potatoes 5pcs / 10pcs

169 CZK

215 CZK

Mixed grilled meat 500g

295 CZK

Brasilien Rib Eye steak 250 gr

295 CZK

Pork tenderloin with porcini sauce

195 CZK

Fish & Seafood

Grilled calamari with garlic and parsley

269 CZK

Salmon on grill

289 CZK


Octopus salad with olives, cherry tomatoes and shallot

359 CZK

Grilled octopus on argula-fenyl salad

379 CZK

Shrimps on grill with olive oil dressing

379 CZK

Variation of sea food prepared on grill (calamari, octopus, shrimp)

469 CZK

Side Dish

Boiled potato

49 CZK

Baked potato

49 CZK

Potato salad with argula, olives and shallot

69 CZK

Spinach with garlic

59 CZK


59 CZK

Mixed grilled vegetables

89 CZK



75 CZK

Homemade tiramisu

89 CZK

Bajadera (originální čokoládový dezert s vlašskými ořechy a sušenkami)

89 CZK

Chocolate souffle with vanilla ice-cream

99 CZK

Pinsa Old Roman Pizza Recipe

Pinsa Margherita (tomato, mozzarella, basil)

165 CZK

Pinsa Quattro formaggi

175 CZK

Pinsa Bianca (mozzarella, parma ham, argula, cherry tomatoes)

195 CZK

Pinsa Bresaola (tomato, mozzarella, beef prosciutto, argula, cherry)

205 CZK

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