A relaxing place 

in the heart of the city!

A place with a history worth sharing!

Celebrate your every day dining in beautiful atmosphere of our restaurant. Exquisite & creative cousine, friendly atmosphere and highly professional staff will make your special day beautiful & enjoyable.

Our mediterranean restaurant near by Náměstí Míru. It’s located on the corner of Americká and Uruguayská streets, where you can enjoy quality wine, good coffee or one of the dishes from our menu.
You can come at any time of the day! Such as for breakfast, which we serve every weekday from 8:00. You can choose lunch from our daily menu. Or come for dinner, to which we will recommend some of our quality wines.

Customers love our Restaurant

“... I love this restaurant. Quite my type of food and awesome service. Quality is fantastic, prices are reasonable and staff very friendly. Recommended!”
Filip maksić
“...I just love being and having dinner there for all the reasons you imagine! Awesome restaurant! Great customer service and quality!...”
Elvis Mashike


Americká 29
120 00 Prague 2
607 161 672